About Elle

Cocktail Investing CoverI am an investor, a perpetual student of economics and a relentless warrior for liberty.  I am also a great lover of fine wines, tend to dance excessively (particularly while cooking), possess an excessive adoration of dogs, and an endless desire to find the humor in life, so you’re bound to find posts concerning those as well.  I am the Chief Macro Strategist at Tematica Research and have also co-authored a book with Tematica colleague Chris Versace titled Cocktail Investing (image at right), which was released April 2016 and is available from the usual sources such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBooks, and directly from our publisher, Wiley.

Along with my work at Tematica Research, I write for a variety of international publications from the Toronto Sun to Business Insider to Seeking Alpha.  I have been lucky enough to have been granted membership in the Mont Pelerin Society and am on the Board of Directors for The Dreyfuss Initiative, founded by Richard Dreyfuss, which seeks to help today’s youth become better stewards of the American Republic.

I am a regular guest on various national and international television networks such as Fox News, Fox Business Network, One America News Network and RT, as well as having been featured multiple times on Real Vision Television, the “Netflix” of finance and am a regular speaker at conferences around the world where I distill the complex world of global capital markets and economics into easy-to-digest Main Street concepts with hopefully contagious enthusiasm and an often irreverent sense of humor.

My career and my insatiable desire to learn have led me to a life of steady international travel.  From this, I have developed two home bases, one in sunny San Diego, California and the other in the indescribably beautiful town of Genova, Italy which lies south of Milan, between Portofino and Monte Carlo on the Mediterranean Sea.

My innate tendency is towards classical liberalism, which in today’s terms makes me a libertarian.  However, to borrow a phrase from the great Ed Crane of the Cato Institute, I am a purely non-partisan, policy specific analyst.  I align myself with no specific team in order to be as objective as possible and while I have my personal biases, I am mindful of the contributions towards addressing oppression by the Progressives and the appreciation of values that have stood the test of time by the Conservatives.


My Partner In Crime

Before joining the Tematica team, I co-founded Meritas Advisors, a wealth advisory firm and before that served as the Vice President of Corporate Development for a California-based wealth management firm, which provided coordinated financial planning, investment management, tax, insurance and estate planning services to its high-net-worth clients.  Before that, I served as the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development for the largest mobile broadcasting company in the U.S., which was created through an industry roll-up orchestrated by Oaktree Capital. In that role, I was responsible for the implementation of complex corporate financial and operational structures, which leveraged my senior strategic planning roles at portfolio companies at eCompanies, one of two largest tech incubators on the West coast in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This experience gave me a front row seat to the titanic shift that disruptive technologies impose across a wide range of industries.

I also worked with JP Morgan in the Private Client Services practice and began my career with Accenture where I led consulting teams advising financial services clients, such as the Capital Group, (a group of investment management companies including the American Funds, Capital Bank and Trust, and Capital International Funds), Industrial Indemnity, and Charles Schwab.

My unique background gives me a breadth of experience building and restructuring companies, from early stage dot-coms and high-tech industrials, evolving into industry leaders and some to failure, giving me invaluable insight into identifying those industries, companies and management teams poised for success and those more likely to struggle. I have worked in a wide range of financial market roles, from building data systems that power some of the largest asset management firms in the world to building my own investment management firm, advising both domestic and international client. These experiences combined with my lifelong love of economic theory give me a unique perspective that allows me to constantly question the consensus Wall Street view.

I attended Harvey Mudd and Claremont McKenna College, earning degrees in Mathematics and Economics and later an MBA in Finance from the Anderson School at UCLA.  Through many caffeine-fueled nights and doggedly persistent days, I was fortunate enough to consistently achieved Dean’s list honors during both my undergraduate and master’s degree programs.  I must say that the best education, however, has come from having life kick the pudding out of me when I least expected it.  The best lessons have come from falling flat on my face and having to get back up again and try.

My favorite place in the world is the Paro valley in Bhutan.  Bhutan is a tiny little kingdom in the Himalayan Mountains, wedged between India and China. It is the only country in the world whose official religion is Buddhism and whose most important metric is the Gross National Happiness.  I’m a lover of the free markets and an Austrian economist to boot who is in a deep love affair with the United States and especially her Constitution, but I have this special place in my heart for Bhutan, a land where people understand what is truly important. They have no concept of consumerism, of needing this car, those shoes, or that piece of clothing to make you OK. There is a gentleness there, a culture that takes a breath between listening and speaking to digest what has been said, a courtesy and compassionate view of all living things.  For someone like me who always has a million things going on in her head at all times, going and going and going, it is a magical escape and a hint at another way of living that I try to bring into my soul.

I’m a voracious reader and a confirmed geek, so I tend to pour through a lot of financial and economics books and periodicals.  I actually think that studying economic theory and political history is fun.  I know, I’m not a healthy person.  I also read a section of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence every morning with my mandatory coffee as well as continually re-read the Federalist papers.  Federalist 51 is still my hands down favorite.  The Law by Bastiat may be one of the greatest books ever written.  Friends have suggested therapy…

I like to surf (not very good but working on it), play golf, am desperately working on speaking coherent Italian, and have delusions of being a female Bob Vila, so there is always some project going on that typically requires a lot of Band-Aids and unanticipated excesses of spackle. I also love photography and have big aspirations as well as fantastic equipment, so I’m often out and about practicing.  So far the aspirations have not yet met with the talent, but I’m a persistent bugger, (some of my attempts can be seen here). One of my favorite places to shoot is from my terrace in Italy, which overlooks the Mediterranean.  I must have done something right along the way to have a second home with a view like this!

Il governo migliore è quello che governa meno.