Great Books

Of course I have to first mention the book I just finished writing with Chris Versace – still cannot believe we actually managed to do it! It will be released on April 25th, 2016 and is Cocktail Investingcurrently available for pre-order on Amazon. The book is written for anyone who is interested in understanding how to better invest, understand the markets and be able to read through the headlines to get a grasp on the reality of the economy…and it is written with a sense of humor so it is anything but a dry, yawn inducing text book!




While I do not necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed in these books, nor do I vouch for their accuracy, but I’ve found them to be highly enjoyable.  I seek out a wide variety of opinions and perspectives to better serve my clients and have found the following to be noteworthy.  Click on the pictures below to find the following great books on




Bankers New Clothes












AntifragileGreat PersuationFist Stick Knife Gun

 Unintended ConsequencesKnowledge and PowerHourBetweenDogWolf

WealthofStatesFinancial Crisis Free Market Cure